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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whether I haD ChoSen thE RigHt Path???

..Today is my third day of class, an elective subject which means it is subject that we can choose, for this semester there are four choices of subject such as Entrepreneurship, Corporate Management, Marketing and Finance. Because I had taken in the field of finance, decided to choose elective finance and today is the first class for this subject. Since lecturer that teach us was busy today , then our class will be replaced on Friday. But I feel so worry... For this semester I had to learned about multinational finance with respect to foreign exchange, currency,derivatives (futures, forwards, options) .. and all related to international finance. huhu..feel long time i had left this subject..huhu cuakssss.....because it seen like difficult hoho..and of koz there will be an assignment waiting of the assignment is investing in forex..hoho..soo my lecturer will give 1 Million..not real money la..kalau real..hoho I will be millioni..hahaha..soo..what we have to do is..invest that money by using our own strategy..huhu  x sker nye huhuh..we have to ensure that there is a return on our investment..soo have to start again..being an investor..huhu.. Nila antara subject yang paling ak cuak kot..huhu..Hopefully i manage to understand and perform in this subject..RISAU SEYY>>>>>FUHHHHHHHHHHHH>>>>>
Don't Eva2 Give Up...All DA best..

UsahA + DoA + TAwaKal = KejaYaaN..InsyaAllah...I'll find my way..:0)


uReiHa LaT said...

gudluck dayah :)
selamat kembali ke sekolah :D

Noorhidayah binti Salehhudin said...

Hihi thanks gudluck to u too...


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