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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

-Current Mood-

Now is already 12.39 am, 16/2/2011..i feel so sleepy but i cannot sleep since my assignment not finish yet..i feel so stress huhu because confuse with the question..what answer i should put ..i'm not even know how to solve it.owh its very difficult when we don't know how to do something hoho...okeh..and i have one more assignment that i had to make some adjustment..and it still in progress so..i don't know whether i can sleep or not finish up all my works..hoho and tomorrow i have a class in the morning until evening..waa..when i don't have enough sleep..tomorrow i'm gonna be Zombie..hoho..not zombi kampung pisang la..hihi.,hmm and when lecturer teach at front i'll blurrr....koz of not enough what i should do now..continue doing my assignment or..just go to sleep..but!!! the problem is...i have to submit both assignment tomorrow..sooo whether i like it or not..i have my eyesssssssssssssss.. for a whole night,,huhu..i'll try..if i could..caiyo2 ..i know i can do it..caiyo2...

Maybe..this is me tomorrow hoho..


 should i do like this??? haha..

Anyway..goodnight guyss...may u have a sweet dream...

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